john murry – “shade and honey”

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year!!! It’s been an awfully long time since we’ve had a new post here but tonight we have something to make up for it. Our very good friend John Murry has shared his wonderful cover of “Shade And Honey” with us. Hope you all enjoy it.

Shade And Honey (by John Murry)

Produced by Mark Pistel and John Murry at Room Number Five, San Francisco, CA

Updated January 17: John asked us to enable downloads for this track, so you can now download the MP3 by mousing over the area just to the right of the play button and clicking on the magic arrow.  Cheers…


Time’s arrow…

Wow, can’t believe it’s been end of July since we had a post here. A thousand pardons all. Sometimes real life and day jobs (not to mention technical snafus involving glitchy laptops) tend to interfere with our outside interests, and it can become hard to find time to devote to running the show here. But no more excuses! We’ll try to stay on top of things a bit more in the coming weeks.  And for your listening pleasure today we have a cool rarity to share with you: A recent contact email reminded us of the Sparklehorse show at Berbati’s Pan in Portland, Oregon in November of 2001, I show that I myself was fortunate enough to attend, and also the one time I got a chance to meet Mark. Our reader, Dan, presented Mark with a painting that night. He recalls:

“…I met Mark and gave him a painting inspired by “It’s A Wonderful Life”. The painting was given to him at Berbati’s Pan around dinnertime. I returned later than evening to see Sparklehorse perform with their white lily’s all around and there in the middle of the stage with a spotlight on it, the painting I had given Mark…”

Very cool stuff Dan.

So from that illustrious night, we present a live Sparklehorse cover version of the Guided By Voices’ classic “Smothered in Hugs”, hope you dig it…

Smothered in Hugs

“junebug” – live in stockholm 1998…

Today, we are rolling out a new streaming audio feature on our site. For music that we share here, we will now be posting audio streams rather than offering MP3 downloads. We’ve been wanting to go this route for awhile now but for lack of a suitable WordPress plugin, and now we seem to have found something workable.

So without further adieu, here’s Junebug from the well-known Dragging Pianos – Live In Sweden recording, from 1998…


“…the march afternoons, the sun and the moon…”

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Mark saddled up his sparkly horse and rode off into the sunset. We still mourn the loss of a brilliant artist and a friend, and we ache for all of the music that we will never get to hear. But we are thankful for the memories and especially for the music that has been left behind.

So in honor of Mark and in tribute to him, we present two recordings that we think you’ll probably have never heard until now. They are especially fitting as tributes to Mark, as between them, they well encapsulate Sparklehorse’s musical and emotional range.  And both come from Good Morning Spider, my own favorite Sparklehorse album.

First, A very rare live recording of Hey Joe recorded in Richmond in the Summer of ’98, in excellent quality:

Hey Joe (Live In Richmond)

Secondly, something very exciting indeed; perhaps what could be considered a ‘holy grail’ for Sparklehorse aficionados: The unreleased Sound of Music studios mix of Happy Man, in all it’s unfettered glory. This is not the “Memphis Version” that Mark later disavowed. It is a re-recorded version that was made in 1998 and which preceded the “Memphis Version”, but which was never released. It’s basically like the studio version from GMS – without the radio static stuff obliterating half of it. According to Daniel’s notes, the band consisted of Mark, Scott Minor, Scott Fitzsimmons, and Jonathan Segel, with John Morand and Jonathan DeMaio behind the boards, with a little help from David Lowery. And it’s amazing. And yes, we have it. And now so do you:

Happy Man (Unreleased SOM Mix) No longer available

We hope you enjoy these, and we would like to thank our friends at SOM for sending these our way and allowing us to share them with you.

Rest well Mark. You are missed every day…